June 11, 2022

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Agenda21 – Cost of Sustainable Development

The Cost of Sustainable Development

by Henry Lamb

Henry Lamb has a comprehensive archive totaling more than 2,000 pages and accumulated since 1994, located at Sovereignty International’s Library

Attack on Private Property Institutionalized  

By Michael Shaw


In a powerful 50 minute presentation, abundance ecologist Michael Shaw described the nature, origin, structure and pace of the implementation of Sustainable Development/Agenda 21 in Santa Cruz and across the nation to residents of Auburn, California. The presentation incorporated examples from the Sierras, including a proposed Auburn City Tree Ordinance that dictates what a homeowner can do with trees on their own two acre lot. A report from this event (from the Auburn Journal) follows, with annotation by Freedom 21 Santa Cruz [now Freedom Advocates].


(Adapted from Ryan McCarthy, “Proposed tree law is too radical, group says,” Auburn Journal [With editorial comments in brackets by Freedom 21 Santa Cruz [now Freedom Advocates]])

Auburn’s proposed tree ordinance represents Santa Cruz-style [political] environmentalism [an Auburn citizen’s group] heard in early July.”I can see an example of Santa Cruz right here in Auburn,” Michael Shaw, [co-]founder of Freedom 21 Santa Cruz [now Freedom Advocates], told Auburn area residents.

He cited the Auburn tree ordinance applying to landowners of two or more acres as an effort to isolate some property owners from others. “When we abandon our neighbor’s right to private property we have lost our own freedom,” Shaw said.

[For property to be private, the owner must be free to put the property to the use that he or she designs, whether the property is one’s land, car, tree… or person and provided that the equal rights of another are not violated in the process.]

If government can control plants,” he added, “We become government’s chattel.”

The group Shaw [co-]founded (Freedom 21 Santa Cruz [now Freedom Advocates]) is critical of what it sees as environmental over-regulation and celebrates the self-governance and individual liberty that inspired the U.S. Constitution.

Many environmental measures are promoted with warm and fuzzy words but are the antitheses of liberty, he said. Auburn could be less than 10 years away from Santa Cruz-style measures and politics, Shaw said after his talk. Auburn City Council-woman Alice Dowden said that, “The city is working diligently to balance the need for growth and development with the need to protect our trees.”

[Councilwoman Dowden seems to not understand the essential nature of liberty, responds Shaw. In determining who can cut down a tree on their own property, she seems to presume that her knowledge exceeds the combined understanding of everyone else. Liberty requires that government protect the lives and the rights of people. Fundamental rights include the right to the free use of your property as long as you don’t infringe on the rights of others. A collectivist movement seeks to strip people of the use of private property; in this case under the guise of protecting trees, he said.]

“In drafting the ordinance the council has made several allowances to ensure that it can be implemented on a fair and equitable basis,” Dowdin said. The updated tree ordinance is targeted at larger scale development rather than a homeowner who wants to cut down a tree to put in a swimming pool, she added.

[Does Ms. Dowden assume that because she was elected she has a special capacity to be equitable in allocating rewards and takings? Shaw asks. Does the Constitutional administration of government provide such power to an elected person?

Tyranny occurs when those who direct the force of government presume such omnipotence – just like becoming drunk after consuming too much alcohol. Lord Acton put it this way: “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely,” he adds.

Methods for government to assume control of land include gaining direct or indirect authority of the plants and/or the water, Shaw continues. When government controls a nation’s land or the land’s resources, that nation is no longer a “land of the free” people. Government control of the land is necessary for – and a precursor of – state collectivism. This is why the Auburn City attack on private property begins the process of eliminating private property and the freedom that private property supports, he says.

Ms. Dowden speaks as though she can get away with taking away the unalienable rights of a few because she presumes the support of an unrestrained majority, Shaw says. Today, she seeks to control reasonable use of land by landowners of two or more acres. Tomorrow she may target another minority group – or even you. Will someone be there to protect you?

A rapid expansion of government control of the American landscape is occurring. The adoption of the Auburn tree ordinance is one small new chip in the battered ideal of private property and individual liberty, he adds.]

Auburn resident Ken Menzer, a consulting arborist, said the City Council asked for a revised tree measure after a developer in 2000 removed all but two trees out of 700 to 800 when building a subdivision.

[The issue is not about a shortage of trees in the Sierras! The real issue is who decides the fate of individual human action – the individual or the state? One response leads to a raising human condition in a nation or world of increasing abundance and the other leads to a declining human condition in a world of increasing shortages. The City of Auburn seeks to ‘protect trees’ by taking control over that which is not theirs. These ideas are not new. History shows that left alone, a government will routinely attempt to expand its power and control over people, he says.]

Menzer said he is a pro-business Republican who doesn’t want someone to come into the community and replace hundreds of trees with twigs. “It will take generations to restore the lost trees,” he said. “I won’t live that long; none of us will.”

[The logic behind the objection to replacing trees with family homes because “twigs” will arise ignores the individual, commercial, societal, and environmental benefits that come with the provision of market housing, Shaw responds. Increasingly, to be pro-business does not mean that one is pro-private property. After all, some businesses support the idea of partnering with government. Government/private partnerships make it easier to control the action of the rest of us because these partnerships expand the use of government force by favoring the compliant businessman who, in return, often receives protection against free enterprise. There is an increasing occurrence of “consensus” between the “pro-environment” and “pro-business” factions. These agreements routinely take away reasonable uses of someone else’s property and or place limitations on other people’s reasonable actions.Citizens at large have detected a newly identified syndrome affecting many elected officials and recipients of government largesse – The Twig-Logic Deficit Disorder! Those who seek to control others with such reasoning are being discovered in alarming numbers. The attack on private property is becoming institutionalized. And with it, the attack on freedom itself. As George Washington said, “Private Property and freedom are inseparable,” he says.]

Freedom 21 Santa Cruz [now Freedom Advocates] [co-]founder Shaw said that in the city of Capitola in Santa Cruz County, anyone in the community can designate anyone else’s tree as a heritage tree. once so designated, an environmental review is required before the landowner can even prune the tree, he said.

He also criticized efforts in the state to create what he termed a “phony water shortage”.  “If you control the water you control the people,” Shaw said.

Michael Shaw is an Abundance Ecologist. He can be reached at michaelshaw@libertygarden.com.

The Journal’s Ryan McCarthy can be reached at ryanm@goldcountry-media.com.

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Wildlife Corridor Conservation Act Introduced

By Freedom Advocates
Politicians and other agents of Agenda 21 are inundating us with overlapping schemes that quietly and deliberately drown our property rights and freedom. For surefire evidence, take a look at U.S. Congress – H.R. 5101 Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act of 2010. This bill includes transboundary tax-payer funded projects for wild animal bridges and tunnels, increasing roadless areas and other means to capture more natural resources and private property for government and its partners.

Sample projects already in existence:

Wildlife Overcrossing at Easton Hill, WA                              www.chattoogariver.com Roadless Conservation

H.R. 5101 states that “The Secretary, in cooperation with the States and Indian tribes, shall develop a Habitat and Corridors Information System, that shall include maps and descriptions of projected shifts in habitats and corridors of fish and wildlife species in response to climate change; and to assess the impacts of existing development on habitats and corridors.” The System is charged with identifying, prioritizing and describing “key parcels of non-Federal land (i.e. state lands and private property) located within the boundaries of units of the National Park System, National Wildlife Refuge System, National Forest System, or National Grassland System that are critical to maintenance of wildlife habitat and migration corridors.” This is way over and above what the federal government has already swallowed up under other guises.

Congress and other elites are desperately clinging to the fraud of man-made global warming in an attempt to illegitimately wrest control of private property. Many people still nominally own and pay taxes on their private property but if their property is even slightly proximate to the imagined wildlife corridors, then animals rule as “new habitat” is created for them in response to “climate change” and other “threats” (meaning people).  It doesn’t matter that grandma’s house has been there for 100 years and she and the animals get along fine. Not anymore, with this bill government will determine what if any use might be made of land that falls in or near corridors invented ostensibly to protect animals (in truth this is done to take private property and to control the human population).

The difference between this bill and previous wildland’s programs is that this one doesn’t just have teeth, it has fangs. Not only does it have “strong language calling on agencies to actually take steps to protect corridors” but it also calls for a funding mechanism (more taxes) to support “such protective action.” In short, we will be footing the bill for the global elite to further control our property and diminish our freedom under the guise of habitat protection. And “the Secretary of the Interior may transfer funds to the Foundation under this subsection in advance, without regard to when expenses are incurred.” How many of us can get paid whenever we want, even if we haven’t yet done the work?

Here are a few examples of Wildlife Corridor Program across the United States. Once again they are bad programs hiding behind pretty pictures and phony words. Rim of the Valley Los Angeles Basin, California, Buffalo Commons Plains States, USA and Yellowstone to Yukon or “Y to Y”  plus there are many more.

Norman MacLeod of Washington explains that HR 5101 incorporates the legislative provisions of Section 481 of HR 2454 (the House version of the climate bill) and Section 6009 of the Kerry-Lieberman climate bill draft.  These sections authorize a wildlife corridors information system.  HR 5101 builds on this with implementation programs, mostly to be housed with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Funding mechanisms and public-private structures are included.  The bill has been referred to the House Natural Resources Committee.

This bill is intended to lead to the formal creation of several continental-scale wildlife corridor systems that include core habitat, connectivity, and buffer systems that will impact livelihoods, homes, ranches, farms, access to resources, outdoor recreation and more.

The bill can be tracked at www.thomas.gov

Wildlife Corridor Conservation Act Introduced

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Political Environment

Policies, procedures, and laws enacted by government and non-government organizations in the name of diversity, community, and earth are diminishing individual liberty, degrading ecology, and threatening human life and happiness across America. These policies are approaching full implementation with little public discourse and with no voter input. While the political environment might seem disheartening to those who value individual liberty, the following opportunities appear to portray a changing political horizon:

The adverse consequences of collectivist policies and laws enacted by county governments are affecting almost every American citizen. As residents recognize the cause of the problems, they may be increasingly interested in supporting political change in their local political environment.
World events have caused Americans to become aware of local and international threats to their individual liberties. (War, 911, Global Warming Scams, Patriot Act, etc…)

The consequences are becoming clear…

You’ve likely already experienced some of the consequences of policies that are approaching full implementation, with little public discourse or voter input:

·        Restricted freedom of mobility as you sit for hours in gridlock traffic

·        Mounting limitations on — or even loss of — your private property

·        An engineered housing crisis that you’re being told must be solved by those who caused it — with your money

·        Loss of your parental authority to a government education system that seems to emphasize social indoctrination over education

·        Transitioning of water resources to regional control by non-elected bureaucrats with subsequent engineered shortages

·        Heavy influence of international and non-government organizations (NGOs) over local policy, at the expense of representative democracy

·        Limitations on privately owned resource extraction.

You’re not alone in recognizing these and other symptoms of our diminishing freedoms. The adverse consequences of collectivist policies and laws enacted by government bodies are affecting almost everyone. Many are ready to act to advance individual liberty, family autonomy, a vibrant ecology, and a strong economy.

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