April 25, 2022

HoneyShack News Brief

A Drop of Ink may make a Million Think

Just one Job Loss


To all the protestors/vandals/looters out there, NOT THAT YOU GIVE A CRAP, but with all the illegal BS that is being pulling, what effect do you think that has on your community and in return back to your family?

Say you vandalize and destroy a local electronics store, you break out windows, steal all the products and leave it bare and damaged.  IF they had business insurance they may get something back, but the more likely event is they are not covered with insurance and they loose the business, maybe they had started from scratch 25 years ago and this is all they had.  How many employees worked there?  Multiply the below by that number, say there were 5 …… and that is just one store.

1 job loss has a ripple effect into the community and the nation as a whole. 1 job loss = no income.

To start with, losing a job is a profoundly distressing experience and If this was a single income home that could mean; no income to buy food, clothes, school supplies, no income to pay for utilities, gas, heat or transportation.  No income to buy essentials let alone anything they would have bought extra; such as movies, dvd’s, cell phones, eating out, vacation, car’s, latte’s, no birthday presents, cake or parties, no Christmas presents, no gifts to others, no donations to organizations.   They could potentially loose a car, a home, pets that cannot be fed or cared for.

This means they would be applying for unemployment, if they can get it, food stamps, food banks, medicade, medical benefits or financial assistance.  None of the SOCIAL SERVICES are free; WE who are still employed pay for that through our taxes.

So now in a small community, these job losses not only have affected the person who lost the job, but EVERY store within that community they touched in their daily lives from the grocery store to the clothing store.  From utilities to gasoline. This now comes back to you because your family or friend’s  worked at the Grocery store or the clothing store and they then lost their jobs because the store’s business has declined due to the unemployment.

Then after you had destroyed the business, your “rich person’s” business, that takes the business tax revenue away from your community, so your community now has less funds to provide the services above that the families that lost their jobs would need.

YOUR actions are like a stone dropped into a body of water, it may start out small but the end result is huge.

NOW, multiply that by your careless votes for elected politicians that are just like you and could give a crap less about your community and this country and are destroying it as we read this.