April 20, 2022

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Electoral College Brief

Voting and Electoral College (see the long version in page article)

TRUST NO ONE, verify any information, get your facts, verify each and every candidate.  We attempt to post as much as we can but it is UP TO YOU to vote responsibly with facts, not emotion!

When you vote for President, remember that you’re voting in a state election, not a national election. There is no national election for president, only separate state elections. Constitution and Legislation link.
For a candidate to become president, he or she must win enough state elections to garner a majority of Electoral Votes in the State. Presidential campaigns, therefore, focus on winning states, not on winning a national majority. YOUR focus then should be on your state and your Electoral Candidates, that they vote the Majority for the State not just Party.

WE HAVE TO VOTE SMART, GET THE FACTS. Everyone that is legally able to vote, NEEDS TO GET OFF THEIR COLLECTIVE BUTTS AND VOTE.  VOTE SMART for candidates that will best represent us. VOTE SMART on Local and State issues. VOTE SMART for what is good for your State.


The Electoral College is a group of people who actually elect the president of the United States. How the electoral college works is one of the more complicated parts of the American electoral process or can be, at least, when things don’t go smoothly. This guide will explain how the electoral college works; discuss the origins and development of the electoral college as some controversial elections; and examine how much your vote actually “weighs” in an election.